Account API

/account.json API allows you to check the number of searches you made in this month and your plan's monthly limit. Only successful and processing searches are counted towards your searches per month, errored or failed searches are not.

You can query using a GET request.


required api_key param is your SerpApi private key. You should be able to retrieve it inside the "Your Account" tab.

Example: should retrieve this JSON.

  "account_id": "5ac54d6adefb2f1dba1663f5",
  "api_key": "SECRET_API_KEY",
  "account_email": "",
  "plan_id": "bigdata",
  "plan_name": "Big Data Plan",
  "searches_per_month": 30000,
  "this_month_usage": 24042,
  "last_hour_searches": 42