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Google Search API

Get Google search results from our easy-to-use, real-time API. We handle the issues of renting proxies, solving CAPTCHAs, and correctly parsing rich structured data for you.


Advanced Features

Leverage our infrastructure (IPs across the globe, full browser cluster, and CAPTCHA solving technology), and exploit our structured SERP data in the way you want.

Real Time and Real Results

Each API request runs immediately – no waiting for results.

In addition, each API request runs in a full browser, and we'll even solve all CAPTCHAs. Mimicking completely what a human will do. This guarantees that you get what users truly see.

Accurate Locations

Teleport yourself anywhere in the world with the "location" parameter.

Serp Api uses Google’s geolocated, encrypted params and routes your request through the proxy server nearest to your desired location to ensure accuracy. Get locations at our locations endoint.

Structured JSON Output

Regular organic results are available as well as Maps, Local, Stories, Shopping, Direct Answer, and Knowledge Graph.

Lots of structured data is available for each result, including links, addresses, tweets, prices, thumbnails, ratings, reviews, rich snippets, and more.

Easy Pricing

Month-to-month contract. Cancel anytime.



  • / month
  • Up to 5,000 requests
  • 1 live request at the same time
  • $0.0125 / additional requests
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  • / month
  • Up to 15,000 requests
  • 3 live requests at the same time
  • $0.011 / additional requests
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Big Data


  • / month
  • Up to 30,000 requests
  • 5 live requests at the same time
  • $0.01 / additional requests
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$4,000 / month and more
Get in touch for more volume, or special needs.

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