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Google Search API

Scrape Google search results from our fast, easy, and complete API.

Advanced Features

Leverage our infrastructure (IPs across the globe, full browser cluster, and CAPTCHA solving technology), and exploit our structured SERP data in the way you want.

Real Time and Real Results

Each API request runs immediately – no waiting for results.

In addition, each API request runs in a full browser, and we'll even solve all CAPTCHAs. Mimicking completely what a human will do. This guarantees that you get what users truly see.

Accurate Locations

Get Google results from anywhere in the world with our "location" parameter.

Serp Api uses Google’s geolocated, encrypted params and routes your request through the proxy server nearest to your desired location to ensure accuracy. Get locations at our locations endpoint.

JSON Results

Regular organic results are available as well as Maps, Local, Stories, Shopping, Direct Answer, and Knowledge Graph.

Lots of structured data is available for each result, including links, addresses, tweets, prices, thumbnails, ratings, reviews, rich snippets, and more.

Legal US Shield
Legal US Shield

The crawling and parsing of public data is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. We value tremendously freedom of speech. We assume scraping and parsing liabilities for both domestic and foreign companies unless your usage is otherwise illegal. (Including but are not limited to: acts of cyber criminality, terrorism, pedopornography, denial of service attacks, and war crimes.)

Simple Pricing

Month-to-month contract. Cancel anytime.



  • / month
  • 5,000 searches
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  • / month
  • 15,000 searches
  • Legal US Shield
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Big Data


  • / month
  • 30,000 searches
  • Legal US Shield
  • Medium throughput
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SerpApi Customers


How searches are counted?
Only successful searches are counted towards your monthly searches. Cached, errored and failed searches are not.
What's your guaranteed throughput?
Up to 20% of your plan searches per hour. For example, the developer plan can get up to 1,000 successful searches per hour. We recommend you to spread out your searches along each hour for the best performance.
What if I need more volume?
If you need more volume, we can offer you custom plans that fit your needs. Contact us for more information.
Do you provide SLA guarantees?
We provide a 99.95% SLA guarantee with all plans. The SLA guarantee comes with a 100% penalty, and we offer credits up to 100% of the monthly price of your plan on your next invoice.
What’s your refund policy?
We offer full refund within 7 days of the day you subscribed to a plan unless you've used more than 20% of your searches.
Is scraping legal?
In the United States, scraping public resources falls under the Fair Use doctrine, and is protected by the First Amendment. See the LinkedIn Vs. hiQ scraper ruling for more information. This does not constitute legal advice, and you should seek the counsel of an attorney on your specific matter to comply with the laws in your jurisdiction.

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