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SerpApi platform provides support for many programming languages.

Language Version Test Example Release status Tests Build
Ruby 1.2.0 Done Done (~async) Done
Python 1.2.0 (1.4.1) Done Done Done
Node.js 1.2.0 Done Limited Done
PHP 1.2.0 Done Limited Done
Go 1.2.0 Done Limited Done
Java 1.2.0 Done Limited Done
Dotnet 1.2.0 Done Limited Done

Change log

- .NET 2.2 support

- Search Archive API: Retrieve cached searched result.
- Account API: Show user account information.
- Location API: List Google location based on a query.

- Search API supported.
- Increase timeout to 60s.


Coming next:
- Minor improvements
- Allow custom timeout on all packages.
- More examples for all packages.
- Fix any outstanding bug.