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Track rankings of your domains using our Google, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex organic results API

Real-time results, precise locations, and mobile results support.

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Position tracking

Monitor the search rankings of your website, compare it to your competitors and discover new opportunities to get into SERPs top results.

  • Track your positions for any keyword.
  • Check how a website performs across different locations and devices such as desktop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • 100% accurate and reliable data that you can verify yourself by checking the cached copy we store for you.

Keyword tracking in Google Sheets

Get your website search ranks and extract search results using localized searches on Google, Bing, or Baidu search engines directly inside Google Sheets using our Google Sheets extension.

  • Easy to use. Our Add-on allows advanced extraction of search engine results without any programming skills.
  • Run localized searches with the location parameter.

Detect rich extensions and features

Search features and rich extensions can provide results that are more engaging to users and might encourage them to interact more with your website.

Discover features triggering keywords for your website by detecting some of the data we provide for you :

  • Rich results can include review counts, review stars, other ratings, thumbnail images, and much more.
  • Smart boxes like knowledge graphs and answer boxes.
  • Sitelinks. No matter if they are expanded, inline, or contain a search box.

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