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Direct Answer Box results

Google gives us the best answers out there. You can use our Direct Answer Box API to build your own voice assistant devices.

  • Build a question-answering voice model based on the results of our API.
  • Easily access various Google structured data using ultra-fast data extraction.

Direct Answer Box examples:

Google Flights

Google Flights is one of the most powerful flight data sources on the internet, both easy to use and with a multitude of features.

Monitor for price changes or quickly retrieve flight information using our Direct Answer Box API.


Google Calculator

Google Calculator is just one of many useful Direct Answer Boxes that Google represents on its SERPs and that we can extract data from.


Direct Answer Box alternatives:

Knowledge Graph results

The Knowledge graph is a database that collects millions of pieces of data that understands facts about people, places, and how these entities are all connected.

Using our API you can extract data from Knowledge Graph boxes that provide direct answers to specific questions.


Sports results

Google is a great place to find out the stats and standings of your favorite teams and athletes in real-time.

It covers a wide range of sports and represents it on its page in a structured and meaningful way that is easily accessible to you via our API.


Events results

Another very useful set of data that Google offers and we are able to extract for you are Events results.

Access Events results like title, address, and date by using a specific location or a search query (e.g. "events in New York").


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