X-Ray is The Ultimate Search Inspector

Dive into scraped SERP data with ease and ultimate precision.

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Find the data you want in the SERPs

Find exactly where a SERP element has been extracted in SerpApi's JSON structure or find exactly where a JSON value is coming from. Eliminate all the guesswork!

See All JSON Paths

See a complete view of all JSON paths directly in the scraped HTML. Thanks to the powerful X-Ray double JSON/HTML bindings!

Work across all Search APIs

X-Ray is on all SerpApi pages with search data and work with all APIs: Google Search, Google Maps, Bing Search, Google Jobs, Google Local, and all the others!


What is the price for this feature?
X-Ray is included at no extra cost across all our plans. With no cap on usage. Enjoy!
Is this really working for all engines?
Yes, X-Ray is working for all SerpApi engines! Including all our Google APIs, Bing, YouTube, and all our other APIs. Feel free to contact us if it's not fully working on a specific engine.
How does it work?
Under the hood, X-Ray uses a very smart HTML/CSS polishing mixed with a bit of JavaScript magic, and a lot of Ruby oiling in the backend to power everything.
What is your inspiration for this feature?
The Firebug extension (back in 2006!) for Firefox. It was the first to allow you to click on an HTML element, view its CSS properties, and live edit them. I loved how it finally made CSS and JS debugging easy, playful, and fun.