Google Shopping Related Results API

The Google Shopping Results API scrapes the position, title, link, product_id, product_link, serpapi_product_api, source, price, extracted_price, old_price, extracted_old_price, rating, reviews, snippet, extensions, thumbnail, other_options, tag, second_hand_condition, number_of_comparisons and delivery fields of a shopping result.

JSON structure overview

  "related_shopping_results": [
      "position": "Integer - Item position (Ex: 1)",
      "title": "String - Item title (Ex: 'Ryan's World Youth Headphones')",
      "link": "String - Link to the item",
      "product_id": "String - Unique Google product identifier (Ex: '11809195947618191040')",
      "product_link": "String - Link to the Google item page",
      "serpapi_product_api": "String - SerpApi URL to fetch more information about this specific product",
      "source": "String - Product source name (Ex: 'eBay')",
      "price": "String - Item price (Ex: '$14.95')",
      "extracted_price": "Numeric - Item price as a float or integer (Ex: '14.95')",
      "old_price": "String - Item's price before discount (Ex: '$15.99')",
      "extracted_old_price": "Numeric - Item's old price as float or integer (Ex: '15.99')",
      "badge": "String - Store Badge (Ex: 'Trusted Store')",
      "rating": "Numeric - Item rating (Ex: '5')",
      "reviews": "Integer - Item review count (Ex: '15')",
      "snippet": "String - Item description",
      "extensions": "Array - Item tags/extensions",
      "thumbnail": "String - URL of an image",
      "other_options": "Array - Other Google product variants",
      "tag": "String - Item tag (Ex: 'CURBSIDE', 'IN-STORE PICKUP', 'SALE', 'FREE 2-DAY')",
      "second_hand_condition": "String - Description of condition when the product is second hand (Ex: 'used', or 'refurbished')",
      "delivery" : "String - Information on delivery of the product (Ex: '$7.95 delivery')"

API Examples