Google "hl" Param

Google "hl" param defines the user interface language.

Accepted values:

Value Language Example
af Afrikaans 
ak Akan 
sq Albanian 
am Amharic 
ar Arabic 
hy Armenian 
az Azerbaijani 
eu Basque 
be Belarusian 
bem Bemba 
bn Bengali 
bh Bihari 
xx-bork Bork, bork, bork! 
bs Bosnian 
br Breton 
bg Bulgarian 
km Cambodian 
ca Catalan 
chr Cherokee 
ny Chichewa 
zh-cn Chinese (Simplified) 
zh-tw Chinese (Traditional) 
co Corsican 
hr Croatian 
cs Czech 
da Danish 
nl Dutch 
xx-elmer Elmer Fudd  
en English 
eo Esperanto 
et Estonian 
ee Ewe 
fo Faroese 
tl Filipino 
fi Finnish 
fr French 
fy Frisian 
gaa Ga 
gl Galician 
ka Georgian 
de German 
el Greek 
gn Guarani 
gu Gujarati 
xx-hacker Hacker  
ht Haitian Creole 
ha Hausa 
haw Hawaiian 
iw Hebrew 
hi Hindi 
hu Hungarian 
is Icelandic 
ig Igbo 
id Indonesian 
ia Interlingua 
ga Irish 
it Italian 
ja Japanese 
jw Javanese 
kn Kannada 
kk Kazakh 
rw Kinyarwanda 
rn Kirundi 
xx-klingon Klingon 
kg Kongo 
ko Korean 
kri Krio (Sierra Leone) 
ku Kurdish 
ckb Kurdish (SoranĂ®) 
ky Kyrgyz 
lo Laothian 
la Latin 
lv Latvian 
ln Lingala 
lt Lithuanian 
loz Lozi 
lg Luganda 
ach Luo 
mk Macedonian 
mg Malagasy 
ms Malay 
ml Malayalam 
mt Maltese 
mi Maori 
mr Marathi 
mfe Mauritian Creole 
mo Moldavian 
mn Mongolian 
sr-ME Montenegrin 
ne Nepali 
pcm Nigerian Pidgin 
nso Northern Sotho 
no Norwegian 
nn Norwegian (Nynorsk) 
oc Occitan 
or Oriya 
om Oromo 
ps Pashto 
fa Persian 
xx-pirate Pirate 
pl Polish 
pt Portuguese 
pt-br Portuguese (Brazil) 
pt-pt Portuguese (Portugal) 
pa Punjabi 
qu Quechua 
ro Romanian 
rm Romansh 
nyn Runyakitara 
ru Russian 
gd Scots Gaelic 
sr Serbian 
sh Serbo-Croatian 
st Sesotho 
tn Setswana 
crs Seychellois Creole 
sn Shona 
sd Sindhi 
si Sinhalese 
sk Slovak 
sl Slovenian 
so Somali 
es Spanish 
es-419 Spanish (Latin American) 
su Sundanese 
sw Swahili 
sv Swedish 
tg Tajik 
ta Tamil 
tt Tatar 
te Telugu 
th Thai 
ti Tigrinya 
to Tonga 
lua Tshiluba 
tum Tumbuka 
tr Turkish 
tk Turkmen 
tw Twi 
ug Uighur 
uk Ukrainian 
ur Urdu 
uz Uzbek 
vi Vietnamese 
cy Welsh 
wo Wolof 
xh Xhosa 
yi Yiddish 
yo Yoruba 
zu Zulu