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Local Pack results

"Local Pack" are the maps results that are part of a regular search. Using our Google Local, Bing Local and Yahoo Local businesses APIs, track the local rankings and get accurate desktop and mobile search results for them.

  • More than 100,000 precise locations supported.
  • Extract address, ratings, and more importantly, phone numbers from the local pack results.
  • Retrieve GPS coordinates like latitude and longitude to easily and accurately pinpoint a place.

Google Local "Places" Results

Expand Google's Local Pack results and retrieve an extensive list of local businesses and valuable data that Local Places SERP provides.

  • With supported pagination get access to hundreds of businesses and track their position.
  • Extract Ads results alongside the main Local Places results.

Google Maps "Local" results

Track Google Maps business rankings in a particular region, district, or even ZIP code. You can also specify an area on the map using GPS coordinates to get even more precise results.

  • Track your business position on a Google Maps SERP page using a precise location.
  • Extract business ID and use it in our Google Maps "Place" results to retrieve all available data for that business.

Google Maps "Place" results

SerpApi can provide you with a full overview of any business featured on Google Maps SERP, including its address, reviews, phone as well as working hours.

  • Retrieve all available data from a Google Maps business page.
  • Get access to the most relevant user reviews.
  • Find about the related searches and use those keywords to track ranking using our Google Maps "Local" results API.

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