Customer Success Engineer

Customer Success Engineer

SerpApi is the leading solution to integrate search data into web applications. Our API scrapes search engines, solves CAPTCHAs, and keeps up with changing page layouts in one simple GET request. Our customers include Apple, Shopify, Airbnb, GrubHub, and more.

We are looking for a Customer Success Engineer to join our team. As a Customer Success Engineer, you will be responsible for providing technical and sales support to our clients. You will also be responsible for ensuring that our clients' needs are met by maintaining excellent relationships with them.


  • Know how to use SerpApi products and help users to find optimal solutions for their use cases
  • Investigate bugs and research the possible causes and document them
  • Work with either Ruby, JavaScript or Python to help users troubleshoot
  • Interact with customers to help them solve issues they encounter with our products and services
  • Open tickets on GitHub if issues cannot be resolved directly
  • Handle invoicing and follow up with customers
  • Reach out to customers to ensure their satisfaction and address any concerns they may have
  • Provide sales support by identifying upsell opportunities and collaborating with the sales team
  • Write blog posts to educate customers and prospects on our products and services
  • Negotiate enterprise contracts with clients
  • Utilize your programming knowledge to troubleshoot customer issues and provide technical support
  • Communicate with clients in a professional and timely manner
  • Collaborate with other teams to ensure the delivery of high-quality customer service
  • Provide feedback to the development team to improve our products and services
  • Experience in B2B SaaS is a plus
  • Sales experience is a plus


SerpApi has been created by engineers for engineers. High compensation, transparency, remote-first, and a high trust environment are at the core of the company. All of these also make a very neurodivergent-friendly work environment. Several of our team members, including our CEO, are on the spectrum. Having a neurodivergent-friendly company is not an afterthought.

SerpApi perks

High Compensation

We offer high compensation, bonuses, and career opportunities all across the globe.

  • Competitive Worldwide

    We pay around 20% more than local averages for all positions, including in the United States.

  • Profit Shares

    All full-time team members receive profit share bonuses. We believe it's important to achieve alignment as a team.

  • Career Growth

    Internal career paths, training (courses, conferences, books), and toolings (up to 50% reimbursement for software, hardware, subscriptions, and co-working space).


A transparent world is a better world. Transparent organizations are more meaningful, connected to reality, and trustworthy.

  • Open Books

    We share our books with all team members. We publish quarterly and annual reports (P&L, expenses).

  • Public Roadmap

    Excluding security and confidential issues, all of our work is fully accessible to the public.

  • Internal Trust

    Internally, we share analytics, customer interactions, hiring processes, strategies, marketing, and all other business-related data.

Remote-First Company

Remote is not a 2nd thought, but is core to SerpApi. All our processes are structured around being remote-first.

  • Even Before COVID

    Remote-first wasn't a reaction to COVID, but was a conscious, long-term, and permanent decision.

  • Async Communications

    All of our important communications are async, written, and online. We avoid unnecessary meetings as much as possible.

  • 100% Online

    We use the best tools for the job: GitHub, Slack, Pop, Zoom, Intercom, Figma, and emails.

High-Trust Environment

We put high-trust in everyone on our team and empower them to do their best work.

  • Flexible Schedule

    Team members can adjust their own schedule, timezone, and unpaid vacation time the way they see fit.

  • Independent Prioritization

    Outside of specifically assigned tasks, you can choose what work you think will produce the most value to SerpApi.

  • Trusted Contributions

    All team members can suggest or directly make changes to anything related or not related to their jobs following their own judgment.

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