Naver (Hangul: 네이버) is a South Korean online platform operated by the Naver Corporation. It debuted in 1999 as the first web portal in South Korea to develop and use its own search engine.

It was also the world's first operator to introduce the comprehensive search feature, which compiles search results from various categories and presents them on a single page.

Today we will talk about what does it mean nexearch in Naver search engine, and what can we gain from it, and how to get it right with SerpApi.

nexearch in Naver search engine represents the Naver homepage which provides us with the most relevant results on Naver on a single page, not only organic results but from different Naver categories, we will discover them below.

Naver nexearch with SerpApi
Naver nexearch results with SerpApi

As it's clear in the screenshot above, we can extract a lot of information by the nexearch in a single page, more than any other search engine.
Results like:

News results.
Video results.
Academic results.
Wikipedia results.
view results.
web results.
knowledge graph.
stuck information.
travel information.
related searches.
shopping results.
music results.
google play store results.
and more...

Let's take a look at the knowledge graph as an example:

Naver main page by serpapi
Naver knowledge graph by SerpApi

The shopping results:

Naver engine shopping results by SerpApi

Do you wanna test it more and see what else can you extract from the nexearch?

Check out our Playground for Naver

The nexearch Pagination

We at SerpApi, trying to provide you with the best experience to get things done, So as the original Naver engine does exactly when you go to page number 2 it will change the where parameter automatically to web Since there is no second page for nexearch.

Naver search engine pagination by SerpApi

Not only that :),  but we also, support Naver search engine for mobile and Tablet:

all that you have to do is use our device parameter while searching and set it to mobile or tablet

Why Naver from SerpApi?

  • We provide real-time data.
  • The fastest to return the full results.
  • Under constant development ( We're making sure to always keep it working - no downtime as possible ):

Naver engine is always under development, their classes and pages always changing, but we're making sure to always keep up with the engine updates.

  • We never miss rich data! (We make sure to parse all the data in the pages )
  • Easy to use - We provide full easy to understand documentation, and we provide our own custom search parameters as a shortcut to get the results you want faster and easier.


We will continue together discovering the Naver search engine with SerpApi.

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