Alongside SerpApi’s ability to scrape Google there are other search engines that SerpApi is able to be scrape. These API’s that are a little further down the page in our documentation:

Google Search Engine Results API - SerpApi
Scrape Google search results in JSON format automatically using custom parameters. Search for keywords by location, date and more with SerpApi.

Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo! Yandex, Ebay, YouTube, Walmart and The Home Depot are all supported by SerpApi. All of the mentioned API’s are completely inclusive with our plan and you can make calls to these API’s congruently.

I have not done a run-through for SerpApi’s Ebay Search engine result pages or a breakdown of the localization parameters for this search. So this will be a brief walk through of the playground of the Ebay Search Engine Results.

Although not as specific as some of Google’s searches can be, eBay offers localization with the ebay_domain.

You can see the supported ebay_domain's below: This is a great tool to see what we support alongside eBay.

Supported Ebay Domains - SerpApi
Retrieve all country-specific domains used by eBay in JSON file format. International domains for the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, and more.

So with our fairly common whitelisted search “coffee” let’s see these results!

And when you change the ebay Domain to Germany on the playground…

The ebay url changes to:

You can see that in the search_metadata. Which is quite different than the way SerpApi’s Google engine works. You can put it into the params very easily.

There are some other parameters and filters we can find on the Playground page. For example the Price Low and Price High _udlo and _udhi:

And our Pagination and Disable Caching field that is fairly common on our Google Searches. But be aware of the field names! _pgn and _ipg for the Page Number and Number of Results.

There is a lot of information to be had on eBay and very dynamic results, with ending auctions and time sensitive information. Happy searching!

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