About Google News API

Recently, SerpApi, a leader in the web scraping industry, has released a brand new API for scraping Google News results. While the news from regular Google search results has been available for a very long time already, the new API covers even more data from news.google.com.

The company aims to provide developer-friendly APIs to scrape search results from various search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, and more. On top of regular search engines, SerpApi supports search results from Walmart, Home Depot, eBay, YouTube, or Apple App Store. With this new addition, the offering has been expanded even further!

With Google News API, users can use additional stories on specific topics from various sources to enhance their data collection. They can also easily find out who the author of a given story is and when exactly it was published. Additionally, the API provides various data about news, such as related X posts or frequently asked questions. Of course, regular information such as title, link, and position is available too.

Google News API allows searching for news in various categories such as Business, Technology, Entertainment, Science, Sports, Health, and more. Getting the data from various publishers has also never been easier, thanks to the publication_token parameter supported in the API.

Documentation and Playground

Developers can gather all necessary information about the API from clear and concise documentation, where each parameter is explained thoroughly, and examples provided help easily visualize results.

SerpApi allows users to test each API through the Playground for even more convenience. Results are returned immediately, and users can see the JSON response and HTML equivalent for their search query.

On top of that, everyone has access to various integrations in the most popular programming languages, such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Ruby, and others. To learn more, developers can visit SerpApi's integrations page.

SerpApi also comes across users who are not experienced with programming with its Google Sheets extension. Non-developer users can efficiently use this tool to scrape the necessary data using simple Google Sheets formulas.

About SerpApi

SerpApi is now a leading provider of web scraping and data extraction solutions, offering a suite of APIs that enable organizations to access critical data from the web efficiently and reliably. SerpApi supports open-source software and maintains libraries for developers to help them with their scraping, testing, and AI, such as nokolexborturbo_tests, and serpapis-ai-image-classifier.

For more information about SerpApi's Google News API, please visit www.serpapi.com or reach out at contact@serpapi.com.