When you type "strawberries" in Google:

Each of these images has its own copyrights by its own creators. Google doesn't own the intellectual property of the images. However, Google can find them all across the web and list them when someone queries "strawberries". This is one of the multiple "Fair Use" exemptions defined by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

SerpApi provides an API for Google Images. It extracts the same page you will get when typing "strawberries" in Google, and in addition, it will transform that page into a convenient JSON file:

SerpApi provides its services under the same "Fair Use" exemption that allows Google to find and list all of these images.

SerpApi's customers can then make multiple of these requests to our Google Image API, they can download all the images linked inside the delivered JSON files, and they can create their own database of images.

However, SerpApi's customers should be aware that neither Google nor SerpApi has copyrights on these images in the first place. And they obviously won't own copyrights of these images as well. Each image's original author still owns its copyrights and associated intellectual property rights.