On SerpApi’s home page it reads top to bottom: “Scrape Google and other search engines from our fast, easy, and complete API”, and then showcases Easy integration and the code to integrate based on preferred libraries. This blog entry is to showcase the ease of making your first search from the home screen, to our Github, and then to a search in our playground demonstration area.

Below is the homepage element showcasing the easy integration:

Farther down the homepage of SerpApi there are links that include our Github page for the libraries that we support…These all coincide with the code tabs illustrated above on our front page; cURL, Ruby, Python, Node.js, PHP, .NET, Java, Go, and the little bit of the oddball implementation Google Sheets.

You can read about how to use the Google Sheets Plugin here (Great walk through):

How to scrape Google results into a spreadsheet: SerpApi Google Sheets plugin
Getting Started: SerpApi is for getting data from pages like on Google’s search engine. That data is pulled from the webpage and stored…

When you navigate to our Github pinned are the popular frameworks you see at the top:

I’m most familiar with Node.js so when I first started using the SerpApi product I downloaded this framework with the command line installation:

$ npm install google-search-results-nodejs

And then after signing up and retrieving my api_key that you can retrieve on your dashboard: https://serpapi.com/manage-api-key . I was off to the races.

One bit I want to highlight for beginning coders is the “export to code” feature found on our playground area.

SerpApi Playground - SerpApi
Test SerpApi’s Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Bing, Walmart, Ebay, Baidu, Yandex and more APIs for free in the interactive playground!

Copy and paste into your implementation: And you have a very basic implementation!

const SerpApi = require('google-search-results-nodejs');
const search = new SerpApi.GoogleSearch("INSERT API KEY HERE");

const params = {
  engine: "google",
  q: "Coffee",
  location: "Austin, Texas, United States",
  google_domain: "google.com",
  gl: "us",
  hl: "en"

const callback = function(data) {

// Show result as JSON
search.json(params, callback);

You can sign-up for SerpApi here: https://serpapi.com/

You can find the SerpApi user forum here: https://forum.serpapi.com/

You can find the API documentation here: https://serpapi.com/search-api/