Our newest API the Apple App Store: https://serpapi.com/apple-app-store has just been deployed and it is time to showcase the capabilities of this parser!

SerpApi Playground - SerpApi
Test SerpApi’s Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Bing, Walmart, Ebay, Baidu, Yandex and more APIs for free in the interactive playground!

First thing I noticed when navigating to the playground was that the default device setting is mobile. You can see the rendered X-ray HTML on the left side of the playground.

There are a few javascript rendering elements on other searches. But the entire HTML on the App Store is rendered by Javascript. So if you look at the raw_html_file within the search_meta_data it doesn’t follow the same conventional format as an HTML (if you are familiar with web development)

Since I was exploring the parser I wanted to check out this Javascript rendering. Here’s an example of what you get within raw_html_file data field:

Our team of engineers did a great job re-creating this HTML so the visualizer looks like the HTML we see when we use a browser.

Moving on to the parameters that can be used in the App Store API playground we can see that there are some standard and App specific selectors to navigate through this API for varying results:

There’s a localization card with country and lang . The standard pagination parameters of num and page. And the most API specific parameters are the advanced parameters of disallow_explicit and property. There has not been the same verbiage on any of the other API’s.

There is a safeAdult Content Filtering on the Google Organic API with the safe parameter. The disallow_explicit parameter is much like the safe parameter. Then there is the property parameter. Which I had to explore a little bit more.

The drop down on our playground shows that there are different apps served between a null (no selection) or developer apps:

I was interested in what developer apps would show up for SerpApi’s favorite search of “coffee” and as expected there were different top results for organic results:


vs. No Selection:

So there is a difference in the top results and farther down the line of organic_results.

As App Store Optimization becomes more prevalent with more mobile computing these results are going to be analyzed and picked apart. Be sure to utilize this API within our inclusive pricing and other API’s available!

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You can find the API documentation here: https://serpapi.com/search-api/