What would you need GPS coordinates for?

They are helpful if you need to pinpoint a specific location. Maybe you need to find the exact spot of your favorite restaurant? Or perhaps you need to locate the precise place anywhere in the world? GPS coordinates are the way to go in such cases!

How to get exact GPS coordinates on Google Maps?

This is actually pretty simple. There are two ways to get them easily:

  • First is looking for them in your search URL. Let's say you are interested in finding the exact location of the Empire State Building in New York. All you need to do is to search for it using Google Maps, and precise GPS coordinates will be included in the search link as presented below:

You might be wondering what the part after the comma means (17z). This is your zoom value. It can be anything between 3z and 21z, where 3z is when your map is completely zoomed out while 21z is a map completely zoomed in.

  • The second way is simply right-clicking anywhere on the map. There will be a couple of options appearing for you, and the first of them should be the place you clicked on GPS coordinates. Click them, and they will be copied to your clipboard.

How to utilize GPS Coordinates with SerpApi?

There are multiple ways you can use GPS Coordinates with SerpApi. You can search for anything all around the world. All you need is your latitude, longitude, and zoom parameters. A couple of examples below:

Those are just simple examples of what you can do with GPS coordinates. To learn more and discover countless possibilities with Google Maps, I recommend visiting SerpApi and playing with our API. You will be amazed at how much you can achieve!